Growing protests by workers & farmers in Iran

workers_pars12_iran.jpgThe workers at the South Pars Natural-Gas Field have put a stop to all their duties today and have formed a gathering at the ninth refinery. The South Pars is located in the Persian Gulf and is by far the world’s largest natural gas field, with the ownership being shared between Iran and Qatar.
The petrochemical workers in the same field have joined their fellow gas workers by refusing to carry out daily activities as their wages have deficit 30%.
petro_chemical_workers_strike_in_iran.jpgAlso in Ahvaz this morning, tens of farmers in the south part of Iran gathered at the Water Organization to protest the recent call by the government forbidding summer planting and croppings. The worn-out farmers are furious and have protested on several occasions within the months.
Water and air pollution is another worry to these citizens as the authorities are unwilling to listen to the people over their warnings of environmental risks threatening more lives in Ahvaz.


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