German Intelligence Reveals Iran’s Embassy Misuse

German Intelligence Reveals Iran's Embassy

Germany Intelligence reveals Iran’s embassy misuse by a bomb plot. The bomb was to go off at an Iranians gathering in Paris.

Four days ago, Horst Seehofer revealed the German Intelligence report on Iran’s embassy misconduct. The German Interior Minister brought out facts against Iran’s cyber attacks. German systems are preparing for possible response thru new laws.

What the intelligence service has revealed on Iran’s embassy is a major foreign threat. Germany concludes Iran can implement hack attacks on them.

Seehofer presented the report on Tuesday saying Iran took a rapid turn last year. The domestic intelligence service (BfV) finds Iran’s cyber attack rising since 2014. Germany’s Minister is now suggesting to power back by putting out a rule. They are looking to launch counter-measures on Iran.

Germany has been busy working on Iran’s embassy misuse. This includes intelligence on missile abilities being pushed onward at home. Or carrying out terrorist operations on Iranian dissidents. One recent act was on the National Council of Iran led by Maryam Rajavi in France. The person behind the plot is an Iranian diplomat who was stationed in Vienna. Asadollah Assadi is now held in Germany as Iran tries to buy him out.

The same Iranian organization targeted in Paris wants Iran’s embassies to be closed in Europe. It has given the specific warning to dismiss Iran’s embassies and diplomats.

The rise of terrorist attacks and plots by Iran in Europe come on time. The pressure of sanctions hitting on from the US has to be fired back. Iran’s cyber attacks are aiming at German government and Human Rights.


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