German intelligence: “Iran continues its efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction”

German intelligence

German intelligence state agency has published a new report on July 16th while singling out the Iranian regime as two countries seeking to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

The report  obtained by the media, says:

Weapons of mass destruction are a continued instrument of power politics that also, in regional and international crises situations, can shatter the entire stability of state structures. States like Iran and North Korea attempt, in the context of proliferation, to acquire and spread such weapons by, for example, disguising the transportation ways through third countries.

The Iranian regime intelligence apparatus’ objective is “to circumvent control mechanisms in countries that are not especially subject to embargo restrictions,” the report covering the year of 2016 adds.

The Iranian regime has been continuing its efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction, Fox News reported Saturday, mentioned an intelligence report published by a German intelligence agency.

Obviously, Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Aerospace Force is in charge of the regime’s ballistic missile program and the US can’t deal with the nuclear program without dealing with its missile program and its meddling in the countries of the region.

The missile activity of the Iranian regime and the spread of weapons of mass destruction has been revealed by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) over the past decades.

NCRI published a new book including some of the most secretive aspects of the Iranian regime’s missile program.

This book includes the details of 27 missile-launch locations mostly located along Iran’s southern and western borders in addition to this, displayed locations and details of 15 sites where Iran’s missiles are built.

This unique book includes the underlying organization, structure, production, and development infrastructure, as well as launch facilities and the command centers operating inside Iran.



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