German intel. report Tehran's current ambitious rocket & missile program

iran_ballastic_missile_capabilityA 345-page thorough report given out by the Baden-Württemberg intelligence on May 24 reads, “Iran has continued unchanged the pursuit of its ambitious program to acquire technology for its rocket and missile delivery program,” the report reads, noting the September test of a mid-range Khorramshahr rocket.
Back in February numerous media outlets reported Iranian businessmen purchasing material from the Krempel firm only to be later found in chemical rockets used in gas attacks targeting Syrian civilians earlier this year.
The report by intelligence officials provides extensive sections to Iran’s sponsorship of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Tehran’s spy agencies and state crackdown entities, including the Ministry of Intelligence & Security, and the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence.
Iran’s espionage measures in Germany focus in the area of politics, the economy, science, the military and the armaments industry, according to the counterespionage report.
The report also covers the Iranian regime’s continuing spying on Iranian dissidents residing in Germany who are against the mullahs ruling in Tehran.


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