Football Protest Against Tehran’s Dictator

Football Protest Against Tehran's Dictator

Football protest against Tehran’s dictator broke a few hours ago in the capital. The football match was between Tractor Sazi and Esteghlal. The videos sent on the internet show Tractor Sazi fans chanting death to the dictator.

Tabriz’s redshirt supporters came together against the security forces. Fans made noise to protest supporters being taken away. There was sudden tense among the Tractor watches that grew. It was the Iran Pro League football played today.

The football protest happened at the Azadi Stadium where most matches are held. These two teams are some of the best on Iran’s list. It appears the nation is prepared to use every gathering scene to protest.

Sanctions had Adidas walk away from delivering jersey to the Melli Team.

Anti-riot forces and police were ready inside the stadium with armor vehicles. A man who was there showed more forces arriving. Protesters wanted good seats but police wouldn’t allow them. Apparently, the guest team can only take up 10% of the stadium. The Tractor Sazi is a well-supported team in Azerbaijan. Tractor Sazi runs other sports teams that are favored.

In another video, a young has been beaten badly. His face is swollen and bandaged. He films the officer in army dress who hit him. The redshirt supporters talk another language from Tabriz.


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