Fire Ruined Sari Central Mosque North Iran

Fire Ruined Sari Central Mosque

The fire ruined Sari Central Mosque north Iran yesterday evening. It’s been said the cause was electricity cuts and a delay in securing the damage. Locals count up the damage to 100 per cent and feel they’ve lost part of history.

Abbas Ali Rezai is the Governor of Sari, the provincial capital of Mazandaran. In the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountains used to be a very old Mosque. The Sari Central Mosque that went on fire yesterday was a place of worship for many. It was a scene and sacred spot for locals from 3000 years back.

Some shop owners near to the Sari Central Mosque said their stores were demolished too. Fire picked up severely and spread very fast. The fire brigade was slow to act, instead what remains of the worship house are its ruins.

Tons of pictures and videos from Sari, of the burning mosque were wired yesterday and more today. Lack of municipality and emergency services is obvious by some pictures. A man tries to behold outer fire flames with a casual water hose. His own face looks as if it’s covered with white flakes but the mosque keeps burning.

From the breathtaking water shortages in scattered cities of Iran, there is another growing crisis. The government’s failure to create public service standards is making lives miserable. People on online media say we are only asking for water!

On top of the water, some protests lately are held to warn governors and officials to fix the electricity. Power shortages and electricity breaks, even in the capital are becoming routine. Most fire incidents that took place in the past week or so were related. First, it was the Black Bridge in Ahvaz then the port of Bushehr that went on fire.  This time it was the Sari mosque and there could be more if nothing is done.

Not to forget, the oil tank colliding with the passenger bus in Sanandaj. Families are showing contribute to their lost ones today by placing red flowers at the crash scene.


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