Rouhani told to invite pol. prisoner for Ramadan feast

mahnaz_afshar_ramadan_invite.jpgRouhani was told to invite Atena Daemi, a political prisoner stuck in Evin, to a dinner ceremony on the holy month of Ramadan.
Mahnaz Afshar, an Iranian actress has rejected President Rouhani’s invitation to a  feast. Instead, she asks him to invite a Human Rights’ activist. Mahnaz tells the president in her tweet that Daemi is not a criminal. The religious government has been seen to lose popularity among all classes recently.
The Treasury Department’s new sanction targets included Ansar-e Hezbollah, a conservative organization linked to the government, and Evin Prison, where Tehran detains political prisoners.
The U.S. says Evin Prison is controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, an elite military organization, and there have been documented accounts of torture and other human rights abuses at the facility for decades, including by Amnesty International.


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