Fear for Hamidreza in Tehran's central prison

Being held at the Great Tehran Penitentiary, or also known as Tehran Central Prison, political prisoner Hamidreza Amini has not been heard of for some while.
He is a father of two small children and his family is deeply worried about his health, as he was holding a hunger strike in prison. His inmates from Evin Prison in Tehran say that he is on the verge of being exposed to conviction and they urgently call for him to be transferred back to Evin.
Other Civil Rights prisoners like Amini fear his life in the central prison, where recently arrested Mohammad Habibi a teacher advocate is also being held. Habib was witnessed by his wife to have been beaten and kept with his clothes ripped out. The civil activists remind that political prisoners have formal rights that must be kept. Such as the principle of separation of crimes but this has been neglected by authorities.
Hamidreza’s only crime was to write blogs on the internet as a user by the name of Ariobarzanes, one of the Persian heroic figures who led the Battle of the Persian Gate against Macedonian King Alexander the Great in the winter of 330 BC.


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