Faeze Rafsanjani: Government policies lead the country to be overthrown

faeze_rafsanjani.jpgFaeze Rafsanjani, daughter of former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani has said that the Iranian people do not like the administration and policies that the government has taken is leading the country to be overthrown. She also asked do we have to wait and give in to international demands at the very last minute? These comments were made on Kalame website.
In the published speech she adds that the overthrow does not require anybody else to be involved and this is giving a mistaken address to stay in power.
More protests are taking place in Iran including Tehran as today a group of doctors and medics set up a protest rally in front of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education disapproving 60 percent allocation of medical university entrance fees by elements affiliated with the government. According to one of the protesters, the veterans’ families had already been allocated 25% of the quota. http://en.irane-ma.com/2018/06/09/iranian-medics-protest-in-front-of-ministry-of-health-in-tehran-to-quota-of-special-groups/


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