European Union Ambassador to Iraq Gets $14-million for Villa


European Union ambassador to Iraq gets $14-million for building a villa in Europe. The fact revealed by U.S. ambassador to Bahrain Adam Ereli among a panel discussing the eventual collapse of the regime in Tehran.

In the leadup to the Free Iran Gathering of 2018 on June 30 in Paris, several Iranian dissident groups put together panels to discuss the situation in the Islamic theocracy and the eventual collapse of the regime in Tehran.

One of the common themes of the discussions was the perception of Iranian corruption of the European Union and its officials. A related truism was also discussed — the absolute appeasement of the mullahs that constantly streams from European capitals. It seems the two lines of thought are connected.

Ereli alleged Blecua has built a $12-million villa in Europe, along with $2 million in renovations, despite having no apparent financial means to do so. Ereli went further, saying European official Federica Mogherini selected Blecua even though there were five more highly-qualified candidates and the fact that Blecua was not endorsed by his native Spanish government.

Former U.S. Senator Robert Torricelli spoke on the Free Iran panel of the obvious conclusion that what President Trump is doing regarding shutting down the Iranian regime is what has to be done — what everyone in a quiet moment was thinking should be done, but didn’t have the guts to do so.

Torricelli mentioned later in the panel discussion that the information on the corruption of the European Union governmental structure by Iranian intelligence services was strikingly frightening but explanatory of the appeasement of Iran by the EU.


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