European companies cut their trade with Iran

Following Trump’s announcement, telling firms worldwide that they have three to six months to cut ties with Iran or face sanctions, the news says that more than 16 giant companies have cut or suspended their trading with Iran to this date.
Considering U.S. sanctions, Berlin announced that will not be able to support German companies involved in business with, as emphasized by Peter Altair, Federal Minister of Germany for Economic Affairs and Energy.
Italy’s Eni oil/gas company pitched in to make crystal clear it has no plans for new investments in, adding from 2019 onward the firm will begin purchasing oil from other countries.
Belgian companies suspend business ties with Tehran, according to Belgium’s Import/Export Organization.
South Korea has cut oil imports from Iran by 40%.
Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Sunday said the US & China have vowed not to engage in a trade war & have pledged to stop increasing tariffs on each other’s items.
Maersk, the world’s largest Danish shipping line told no longer takes orders for Iranian oil.


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