EU Parliament takes Iran down on Human Rights violation

The European Parliament adopted a resolution reiterating its stance over human rights violations in Iran and extending the human rights sanctions by the European Union against the clerical regime announced on April 12 focusing on examples of dual citizenship arrests in Iran.
EU Parliament made it clear that Iran continues to imprison civil society activists, human rights’ defenders, environmental activists and political activists. Also noting that the government has recently raised arrests of human rights defenders, journalists, and political activists and many remain to be held and prosecuted for their peaceful conducts.
Furthermore, the resolution pointed out to citizens of dual nationalities detained in Iran and the fact they have never had access to a lawyer and fair trial. Several political prisoners have reported suffering from inadequate access to medical care during detention.
Keynote speakers of the session were to be Jordi Sole, Tunne Kelam, Jozo Rados, Heinz Becker, Anna Fotyga, Soraya Post, Pavel Svoboda, and Anders Vistisen.


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