Drivers hold up trikes in Mashhad, Isfahan

taxi_drivers_in_kermanshah.jpgDrivers from Mashhad, Isfahan and Shahr-e Kord in the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province have shared films of their strike held today, on the eleventh day running yet. Attempts by the government to break it up failed miserably.
The Bus Syndicate in Iran has announced that it will join the nationwide strike from tomorrow. The strike by brave truck drivers heated up since May 22. Iran has not been able to rise traffic fees or load fares for the cargo supply chain and instead tries to temporary handle the crisis by bringing army trailers and infantry to the task.
Only 20 hours ago, The International Transport Workers’ Federation released a statement in solidarity with Iran’s striking drivers.
iran_army_sending_trailers.jpgThose unwilling to continue the strike send false news on Telegram of the strike settling to an agreement with the government but the true situation is something else.


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