Donald Trump Weighs Iran’s Sanctions

Donald Trump Weighs Iran's Sanctions

Donald Trump weighs Iran’s sanctions just as he announced on May. The White House gave out a statement making it official. Iran’s Rouhani appeared on TV to tell Iranians we’ll survive. Though it’s not clear how and he’s not being complimented by officials.

As the sanctions weighed in today Daimler announced no further deal with Iran. The German Mercedes maker put a freeze to cars and trucks trade. “We have suspended our activities in Iran, which were anyway very limited, until further notice according to applicable sanctions.”

Europe wants to show Tehran it’s still loyal to the nuclear deal but time’s finished. “We are determined to protect European economic operators engaged in legitimate business with Iran.” This is a part of a joint statement by Europe’s three great powers.

But plans don’t seem to have worked out well between Iran and Europe. Now some parliament members are telling Rouhani he’s bluffing. They don’t like the idea that he still has hope for a deal.

Big manufacturers and longtime trade partners with Iran are in dismay. Though this could be good news at home for protesters. Those who have been forced to live below the poverty line 40 years. It will be a chance for them to lavish from their resources.

The US is still holding talks with some countries but it did give enough warning since May. US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell had told companies to wind down operations immediately. It was in June the Peugeot maker suspended its activities in Iran and Renault walked in sanctions’ way.


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