Dollar Prices Bring Iran High Expenses

Dollar Prices Bring Iran High Expenses

Dollar prices bring Iran high expenses just to name one is meat prices today. Bread and metal parts are at their worst. Industries in Isfahan have announced they cannot give out a fixed price. Right now currency rates in Tehran appear as such.

  • USD = 107,000 rials
  • Euro = 123,000 rials
  • UK pound = 129,800 rials

Rouhani, president of Iran delivered a new financial package last week. The rise of the dollar has had the greatest impact on price rise. The first victim of the dollar rise are the Iranian people. While Iran has its people grinding to market expenses. Officials are writing about mass fraudulence by government going missing.

One major news spreading on the Islamic Republic’s media is about 90 billion dollars. It’s just gone like that and vanished! Nobody is going to tell you where it’s gone, they write. Ezzatollah Yousefian Molla, who is with Iran’s Program and Budget Commission made this comment.

11 billion dollars of government currency was allocated. Only 2 billion was recognized and 9 billion is disappeared.

The reformist Shargh paper wrote on 2 August that nobody knows who did it. “It’s an unprecedented act by some to give away 20 billion dollars. They have given it to unknown groups or non-existing ones. This amount has been taken from Iran’s foreign exchange reserves.” Yesterday the news was that 47 billion tomans had gone missing. It was revenue from Tehran Municipality Traffic Plans.

Unsteady dollar prices in Iran can be troubling the markets. But the Iranian people make it clear the main problem is the regime. They constantly say in protests enough of a predatory regime. This is only an inch of the systematic plunder.



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