Death Row Captures Isfahan Prisoners

Death Row Captures Isfahan Prisoners

Death row captures Isfahan prisoners at different ages. Those on the list are young as 25 and above 40 in the Isfahan Central Prison.

A list of 20 prisoners from ages 25 to 43 has been found by an Iranian Opposition Organization. They monitor the prisons as much possible to inform Human Rights NGO.

The list contains names and crimes of at least 20 prisoners in Isfahan. They are on death row for rape, murder, and Moharebeh.  Moharebeh means to wage war on God or be “enemy of God”.

Many are awaiting execution or even face reprisal in Isfahan Central Prison and others. Iran’s prisons are full of youth, mothers, and fathers on the verge of execution. Iran holds the highest number of executions in the world compared to its population.

Two weeks into July, Iran sentenced a website director to death. He’s been charged for selling satellite CCcam accounts. Mohammad Hossein Maleki, 47 is now held in Isfahan Dastgerd Prison on charges of “corruption on Earth.”

Isfahan Dastgerd Prison has been reported to hold 900 detainees in one ward. They are all squeezed tight together and some sleep on the ground. The prisoners at the two wards specialized for youth hold, 300-400 detainees. They are mostly aged between 18 and 24 with a hard time reaching their family.

There is a ward for disabled people who don’t have physical strengths. Dastgerd Prison officials do not provide minimum facilities to the inmates.


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