Continued unrest in western provinces over customs regulation

Tuesday saw continued protests and strikes Kermanshah and Kurdistan provinces over unfair regulation of imports for the third consecutive day. The Iranian regime has closed border gates and increased levies on imports, which will hurt merchants and shop owners in these provinces. The move has triggered widespread protests and strikes. The protests started in Baneh, Kurdistan, and Javanroud, Kermanshah, but have been expanding since.
On Tuesday, stores were still closed in both Baneh and Javanroud.
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On Monday, Shahrak-e-Kargahi, the biggest industrial center in Baneh, Kurdistan, joined the strikes and closed down its facility in protest to recent regulation changes.

Fearing the eruption of widespread protests, the Iranian regime has dispatched security forces to areas where strikes are taking place. According to local reports, several units of anti-riot police were sent to Baneh at the request of the governor.
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