Complaints over Iran’s police brutality against girls overturned by court


According to state media, two female students who had filed a complaint against Iran’s police brutality when trying to arrest them for “improper veiling” were told that there was not sufficient evidence to back their claims.

“The 9th Branch of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Armed Forces Judiciary Committee overturned the case, arguing that there was not sufficient evidence,” Mohammad Hossein Aqasi, a lawyer who represented the two students said.

“We had filed a complaint that a female Guidance Patrol officer had dealt blows and insulted (the students) and requested that the Taleghani Park guard who was witness to the incident be present in the court as a witness but the prosecutor did not ask the guard to be present,” the lawyer said.

“He only listened to the testimonies of three other girls who were with my clients at the time and said that the testimonies were not the same,” he added.

This is while the video of Iran’s police brutality with the two girls was widely circulated on social media at the time. The video shows a female police officer insulting and using force and at one point dragging one of the girls by the hair. In another part of the video one of the girls is seen lying on the park ground after being beaten while her friend shouts that she is suffering from heart problems. When one of the girls tells the female officer that she would file a complaint against her, the police officer is heard saying, “you can’t do anything.”

At the time, due to national outrage over the footage, officials said that they did not endorse such treatment by the police and the Minister of Interior said that a report had to be compiled on the matter.

This is not the first time that Iranian police use extensive force against Iranians. Videos of such incidents are uploaded on social media almost on a daily basis.


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