Chocolate Ends The Iran-Vienna Meeting

The Iran-Vienna Meeting

This is how the Iran-Vienna meeting went according to some top Iranian press.

It is customary to give a gift on birthdays when you’re a guest. The party crowd starts to cheer as the birthday presents are unwrapped. Everyone’s curious to find out what’s in the bigger size presents.

Now think about it when you open the package but instead of a gift, another package is wrapped inside. Then the same happens with the second parcel till the last one, while each gets smaller too.

You’ll find the very last one being the size of your palm or even smaller. It usually ends up as a funny looking chocolate.

This joke is not bad for a birthday party and it’ll be really fun for the audience too but to use this method for diplomatic negotiations isn’t a good joke.

The Iran-Vienna meeting yesterday was a lot like this. The Kayhan state-run daily described as such. The remaining five states in the JCPOA plus Iran met in Vienna to evaluate what is called Europe’s economic package.

Though much is said by Iran and Europe about saving the deal, it is clear from Iran’s online media that are not pleased with how things are going. Keyhan continues, it’s not hidden for anyone that we are at a sensitive time. Our main enemies have clearly formed a war front and an economic warfare has struck against us. The condition is very complicated and dangerous! Trump has new plans for the world. He’s not joking with anyone and it seems he’s willing to challenge every international institution.

Another state-run daily, Arman, goes with this title – National distrust sets the alarm. It states that the main crisis is not knowing what situation we’re in. People at different levels are finding it difficult to trust each other. Everyone is out to get something for themselves.

Vatan Emroz (the country today) daily, another state-run, wrote this header – Cooking Europe’s JCPOA with French sauce. On Friday, the French Foreign Minister and the 4+1 members marked out the JCPOA once and for all. Jean-Yves Le Drian tells Iran to stop making threats about breaching the deal. Then we can find a solution to obtain Iran’s necessary economic compensation.

Apart from the Iran-Vienna meeting danger, Iran forgot to mention the rapid protests inside the country.


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