Chief Police Rahimi Out For Tehran Protesters


Chief Police Rahimi is out to get the Tehran Bazaar protesters as the government is on the brim of getting pushed over. Reports from Tehran say security police have been deployed in the bazaar area and Tehran Police Chief, Hossein Rahimi said “the police will continue a powerful presence in the bazaar as long as we deem necessary.

Washington is to start reimposing economic sanctions on Tehran in coming months that is making the air dry for the rulers.

“Even in the worst case, I promise that the basic needs of Iranians will be provided. We have enough sugar, wheat, and cooking oil. We have enough foreign currency to inject into the market,” Rouhani said in a speech broadcast live on state television yesterday. Iranians must stand together in the face of American pressure to “bring America to its knees.”

Kayhan daily stated former General Yahya Rahim-Safavi saying that all Iranians have a duty to tackle economic problem. “It is all of our duty to work together to help the respected government and other governmental branches in solving the economic problems.” General Yahya served as Iranian military commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from September 1997 until September 2007.

Reformists, principalists, the game is over,” the protesters chanted on following days of the demonstrations. They targeted all the so-called rivaling factions of the state.

Heading for a week of unease, the protesters held up their fury at the Naser Khosrow markets, 15 Khordad, and the jewelers market, the Ahangaran market in Moazzam al-Dowlah, Abbas Abad market, KIlouis market, the Louti Salh passage, the furniture market in Delawaran Street, the great Iranian complex on Amin al-Mulk Street, and Laleh Zar Street.

A number of protesters were injured by gunfire shot by repressive forces. Tear gas was shot in the Ferdowsi market and on the streets of Mellat and Ekbatan.


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