Evin Prison

Report on Evin Prison

Evin Prison is the largest prison in Iran located in Tehran’s Sa’adat Abad region. Since 1993, it has held the most political prisoners in Iran. Sections 209, 240 and 241,…

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European Council Member on Iran’s use of death penalty

Elisabetta Zamparutti, a member of the Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) and the Treasurer of  Hands Off Cain speaks about the use of the death…

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Iranian truckers’ strike enters second week despite gov. crackdown

Iranian truckers’ are determined to continue their strike despite government suppression and death threats. They are on strike for the third time since May, protesting low and unpaid wages and…

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Haft Tapeh Workers Speak Out

Haft Tapeh workers speak out after a long labour strike for not receiving their wages. On different occasions during the months of May till September these workers held numerous gatherings….

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Khuzestan Fishermen Face Job Loss Over Bad Deal

Khuzestan fishermen face job loss over bad deal with China. This is Iran’s way of protecting national wealth. The Persian Gulf that belongs to the Iranian people has been given…

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Rouhani Gets MP’s Pressure

Rouhani gets MP’s pressure on August 28 when summoned to Parliament. Rouhani’s remarks show a dead-end and a worsening crisis within this sinister regime. The main conclusion is that the current…

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Iran’s Homeless Sleepers

Iran’s homeless sleepers were only noticed from 2016. The pictures and videos from Iran started making news on mainstream media. Homeless sleepers have taken to empty graves and find the…

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Father-Son Story in Iran

Father-Son Story in Iran that will explain how the corrupt economy is affecting families. This father wants to share his story about not being able to afford a dentist. His…

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Isfahan Protest Gunman Shoots People

Isfahan protest gunman shoots people from the roof and then runs away. They come in plain-clothes and have orders to shoot or arrest youth.

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Iran Widespread Protests This Week

Iran widespread protests had a serious message for the government this week. Women, youth, and workers protesting in at least 152 cities chanted death upon dictator.

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