Iran without healthy water

40 years of incompetence leaves Iran without healthy water supplies

The water crisis in Iran has led to many protests and demonstrations in recent months. Isa Kalantari, the head of Iran’s Environment Department and Vice President in Water Affairs, Agriculture…

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Iran's Embassies Operate Terrorism Abroad

Iran’s Embassies Operate Terrorism Abroad Not Diplomacy

Iran’s embassies operate terrorism abroad not diplomacy. This has become a clear message after Assadollah Assadi’s arrest. This is what Newt Gingrich twitted on June 30; In Paris almost 100,000 people gathered…

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US Sanctions Throw Iran Out

US Sanctions Throw Iran Out of Its Ring

US sanctions throw Iran out of its boxing ring after France’s CMA CGM shipping giant pulled out on Saturday. As the US sanctions against Iran approaches closer, the Iranian newspapers reveal their…

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The Iran-Vienna Meeting

Chocolate Ends The Iran-Vienna Meeting

This is how the Iran-Vienna meeting went according to some top Iranian press. It is customary to give a gift on birthdays when you’re a guest. The party crowd starts to cheer…

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Iranian daily

Hardline Iranian daily suggests regime will face fundamental change

Iranian daily newspaper belonging to both moderates and hardliners are showing contempt and a reluctance to continue talks with Europe in the JCPOA during the Iranian President’s trip to Europe. “In…

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Iranian regime

Iranian regime at a loss on post JCPOA era

After the Trump administration left the JCPOA, the Iranian regime, namely the president of the Islamic Republic, Rouhani, who considered the nuclear deal one of the main achievements of its…

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Fast Hatred Picking on Iran’s Privileged Offspring

Fast hatred is picking on privileged offspring of Iran’s ruling elites who live and pleasure aboard. The class of people mentioned is children of Iranian ambassadors, parliamentarians, and government officials…

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What are Iranians saying on Rouhani’s trip to Europe

What are Iranians saying as Rouhani arrives in Vienna, the answer is clear by Iran’s freedom supporters who appear in their yellow jackets. They call on Austria to cancel Rouhani’s…

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Five years Rouhani's History in human-rights violation it's a fact that the international community breaks his silence on human rights abuses in Iran. 

Rouhani’s history in human rights violation

The human-rights violation during the five-year rule of Rouhani is a fact that the international community breaks his silence on human rights abuses in Iran. In a situation where rally protests…

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Iran’s Failing Economy Has Itself To Blame

Iran’s failing economy has itself to blame. In the wake of the bazaar protests, Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian regime’s president, was quick to lay the blame on the U.S. On…

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