Crashes in Iran

Crashes in Iran, Hidden War

The local streets of Iran are places where there is no guarantee of life for car drivers. Accidents and the death of people on the roads are more than just…

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campaign against Iran

Regional and international political campaign against Iran

Following the recent UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council meeting, the US once again focused on the coalition of the so-called Arab NATO or the Middle East Strategic…

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Protests Rising Among Iranian

Protests Rising Among Iranian Societies

Protests rising among Iranian societies inside the country pulls great attention.  The new round of anti-government protests began on September 23.  It was the Iranian truckers who lighted the flames…

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Iran's Poverty Continues

Iran’s Poverty Continues Growing In Rouhani’s Time

Iran’s poverty continues growing and on the verge of Rouhani’s trip to New York, we decided to put the state of Iran’s economy into perspective. Despite what the Iranian government…

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UN General Assembly Damaged

UN General Assembly Damaged Thru Rouhani’s Presence

UN General Assembly damaged thru Rouhani’s presence is what opposing Iranians suggests. Rouhani should be dismissed from the United Nations as his presence is against peace. His attendance can harm…

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Iran handed over Chabahar

Iran handed over Chabahar to India

These days, among the Iranian government’s newspapers and websites, one subject that makes a frequent headline for the majority of the economic and environmental articles, is about giving away national…

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Iran's repressive forces torture protesters

Iran’s repressive forces torture protesters

Iran’s repressive forces torture protesters after arresting them. The tortures are carried out during the time of arrest to break down those protesting. Just last month more than 1000 protesters were…

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Iran’s Petrochemical

Iran’s Petrochemical Industry Under Khamenei And IRGC’s Thumb

Iran’s petrochemical industry was privatized in a process that spanned from 2005 to 2009. This was a convenient way of placing the industry under the full control of Iran’s Supreme…

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Middle East

It’s No Longer About If Iran Can Take Over The Middle East, But Whether Or Not The Regime Will Survive

President Donald Trump made an interview with Bloomberg on 30 August and said “When I came into here, it was a question of when would they take over the Middle…

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Prison Life Of Protesters

Prison Life Of Protesters

Prison life of protesters in Iran will bring horror to you. Just think of getting 74 lashes for being an internet activist. How does that sound to you? But for…

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