119 million live in Iran’s slums

19 million people live in Iran’s slums

A large number of people live in Iran’s slums as poverty grows at an unprecedented speed in a country riddled with economic and social crises. Official numbers put the number of slum…

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Chemo drugs excluded from Iran’s health insurance

The new round of the US sanctions against Iran’s energy and bank sectors, which started on November 5, does not include any sanctions on medicine as humanitarian supplies are officially…

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Azad University sets strict dress code for students

According to reports circulating on state media, the Islamic Azad University, which is a private university system in Iran has issued new rules which goes into explicit detail into the…

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Iran schools forced to attend anti-US government rally

Despite widespread propaganda by the Iranian government to draw out masses for the November 4 government rally held every year to mark the anniversary of the US embassy takeover in…

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Iran’s housing prices soar by 83%

Housing prices in Iran have soared by 83% according to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. “According to the new numbers, the average price for each cubic meter of…

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Half of Iran’s northern forests razed in 40 years

According to state-run media, half of Iran’s northern forests have been destroyed in the past 40 years. The north of Iran is known for its lush greenery and forests and…

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Iranian Parliament

MP’s concerned over Iranian’s frustration with government

In an October 23 public Parliament session, members of the Iranian Parliament addressed the Iranian government, acknowledging the many calamities that the government was facing. Parliament members were especially concerned…

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Tehran Chief of Police

Police crack down in Tehran in supposed show of power

On October 23, a wide array of Iranian state news agencies quoted the Tehran Chief of Police as saying that “255 operations were carried out in Tehran”, in which 240…

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Iranians turning to drugs

More Iranians turning to drugs due to social pressures

According to a study conducted by the Office of Research and Training of the Counter Narcotics Headquarters, more Iranians are turning to drugs as a result of unemployment and other…

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Farshid Hakki

Iranian lawyer and economist found murdered in Tehran

The Manager of the “Barresihaye Eghtesadi” (Economic Studies) Magazine said that Farshid Hakki, a lawyer and Scientific Advisor to the magazine was stabbed and burned. Dr. Farshid Hakki was also…

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