More Tehran Power Outages

More Tehran Power Outages With Hotter Days

More Tehran power outages are being reported by citizens on social media. Tehran’s power distributing company tells people to prepare for power limits according to a time table. The troubling…

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German intelligence

German intelligence: “Iran continues its efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction”

German intelligence state agency has published a new report on July 16th while singling out the Iranian regime as two countries seeking to obtain weapons of mass destruction. The report …

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Iraqi protests

Iraqi protests against meddling of Iranian regime

In recent days, the Iraqi protests and demonstrates against the political parties and groups associated with the Iranian regime in the provinces of Basra, Najaf, Maysan, Ziqar, Alqadesiyeh, Karbala, and…

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Japan's Mitsubishi Financial Bank

Japan’s Mitsubishi Financial Bank to Exit Iran

Japan’s Mitsubishi Financial Bank is to exits Iran prior to US full effective sanctions. Japan’s largest bank is called the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc or termed as MUFG. Japan will…

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Fire Ruined Sari Central Mosque

Fire Ruined Sari Central Mosque North Iran

The fire ruined Sari Central Mosque north Iran yesterday evening. It’s been said the cause was electricity cuts and a delay in securing the damage. Locals count up the damage to…

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Whip punishment

Whip punishment to Intimidate the Public in Iran

An Iranian man was lashing after being convicted of drinking alcohol a decade ago aged 14 or 15, on July 11th. He was publicly whipped 80 times while tied to…

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Iran Tells India Oil Exports

Iran Tells India Oil Exports Should Continue

Iran tells India oil exports should continue amid US sanctions. A top Iranian diplomat tells India it will miss out on special privileges. India is not happy about its relation…

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Ali Akbar Velayati

Argentina asks Russia to arrest Ali Akbar Velayati

Ali Akbar Velayati, the adviser to the international affairs of the Iranian regime’s leader, arrived in Moscow on Wednesday, July 11th  to send a “message” to the Kremlin from Iranian…

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Iran's missile

NATO’s concerns on Iran’s missile and meddling across the Middle East

NATO members issued a statement on its last meeting July 11th, 2018 expressing concerns on Iran missile program and meddling across the Middle East. The item 49th of this statements…

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Oil Tank Crashes With Sanandaj Bus

Oil Tank Crashes With Sanandaj Bus Smoking Off

Oil tank crashes with Sanandaj bus leaving at least 20 passengers dead. Clashes broke out by angry locals in Sanandaj last night with government repressive forces. The reason, a heavy…

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