Iran Protests

Protests in Mashhad and Shahrud

Today in Mashhad, outside the Caspian Financial Institution, plundered families have gathered to tell the government they demand their savings back. There have been similar protests and gathering outside Caspian’s branches in different cities over the months, yet authorities have… Read More ›

Tehran metro workers strike

Metro workers are striking in Tehran and hold a banner that read: “We are not making corruption, we are just simple workers” and “Metro workers have become beggars”. Also in Bushehr, south of Iran, the government has wiped out the… Read More ›

Kazerun Day3

People are still on the streets for the third day in Kazerun and actively engaging with forces merging upon them. Women join by throwing stones to stop police and riot forces from harming more residents. Men try to use their… Read More ›