Bank Savers Stolen Wealth

Bank Savers Stolen Wealth

Bank savers stolen wealth has turned into an issue of protest. For months and even up to two years, as they say, the government has kept silent. The systematic theft in Iran’s banks is now a widespread issue of protest. Families are at the local bank daily to warn officials they will not let go of their savings. Protests chanted against the Caspian Bank’s embezzlement in Tehran on Monday.   

You did a great job of stealing our saves, Our tables are all empty

Embezzlement is the final step of state hostility

A lady from Rasht where a group of looted women protest spoke out. “Why doesn’t Gilan’s TV broadcast our cries and protest. The channel shows all sorts of rubbish but nothing about us. Why do we put ourselves in stress to come here every day and protest? It’s all lies that it puts on TV about Gilan’s nature and it wants to play the people. I’m only asking them to show us once. They’re nowhere to be found, why? They’re good at broadcasting lies about Eid.”

Another lady revealed that “Mrs. Mousavi stole all my money, she told me to trust her. I was worried and didn’t know what to do. They want to arrest us and even though we have a warrant from the central bank they tell us you’re speaking rubbish. I wish she was in my position!”

Bank savers stolen wealth is a shocking factor to the people. They no longer trust this regime but nobody is giving them an answer. The corrupt regime was too busy sponsoring foreign terrorism it forgot its people. Even Mohammad Javad Zarif said on state TV, we have chosen to live this way. This clearly explains President Rouhani’s government has no fire exit from this eruption. He was questioned yesterday at Majlis and all signs show they regret trusting America and Europe. Their bigger problems started with the protests in December. 


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