Azad University sets strict dress code for students


According to reports circulating on state media, the Islamic Azad University, which is a private university system in Iran has issued new rules which goes into explicit detail into the dress code that female and male university students have to follow in universities and even dorms.

“The covering and appearance of any academic person has to be in line with the sacred Islamic law, the dignity and customs of the universities, and the Islamic and national culture of Iran,” the announcement said.

According to the new dress code edict, female students are banned from wearing sleepwear in the dorm’s “public areas”, and can only wear “conventional” clothing even in the areas where only girls are allowed.

They have been banned from wearing tight “above the knee manteaus” and anything with unconventional colors which usually means anything other than navy blue, brown and black.

Men are banned from wearing short sleeved shirts and tight body revealing clothes according to the new dress code. They have been instructed to refrain from wearing ripped jeans and are only allowed non visible tattoos.

The new rules even go into details on how the young male students should style and not style their hair, banning braids, spikes, highlights, and anything else the government deems as “unconventional” and “Western”. Of course as always in the Islamic Republic of Iran, men are not allowed to wear ties and bowties.

Women have also been banned from putting on makeup that “attracts attention” and “too much jewelry”.

If students do not follow these strict rules, they will be dealt with by the university’s disciplinary committees.


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