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Truckers’ strike crippling Iran

The Iranian government is striving to end the third round of the truck drivers’ strike in fear that it...

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Jailed Iranian blogger

Jailed Iranian blogger, Soheil Arabi, has been sentenced to three more years in jail and forced transfer to Iran’s...

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Iran arrests truckers

Iran has arrested truckers in the third round of strikes since May. State-run media have reported extensively on the...

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ITF Supports Iranian Truckers

The International Transport Workers’ Federation issued a statement today in solidarity with Iranian truckers on the tenth day of...

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Tehran University Students

Tehran University students held a sit-in outside the campus over a new rule that states undergraduates must pay for...

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German court approves handover

A German court today approved the handover of an Iranian diplomat to Belgium. The diplomat, Assadollah Assadi, was allegedly...

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Haft Tapeh Workers

Haft Tapeh workers speak out after a long labour strike for not receiving their wages. On different occasions during...

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Ahvazi Street Seller Killed

Ahvazi street seller killed by agent yesterday, only 22 with no clear reason. His name was Mostafa Heidari and...

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Isfahan Farmers Protest

Isfahan farmers protest against deteriorating agriculture conditions. Right outside the great fruit market in Khorasgan their tractors put on a scene....

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Trump Says NO Nuclear Iran

Trump says NO nuclear Iran with loud words yesterday at the UN Security Council. The US President put it...

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