Anemia & infection spreads in Baluchestan, water crisis grows

chabahar_homes.jpgChildren and residents of various cities in Chabahar are suffering from malnutrition as reported before they even eat disqualified meat.
Water pollution has left the majority of families thirsty and skin disease is picking up fast stronger amongst children.
Anemia and infections are now being described to be common within villagers. In Chah Bahar County people live in igloos made up of straws and yet after 40 years, Iran has remained unwilling to provide decent public services in the Sistan and Baluchestan Province.

The province is also encountering dust storms that have created 11 times more air pollution than standard rates.

Baloch Sunnis form the majority of the population in the southernmost coastal cities of baloch_man_killed_for_importing_amber.jpgIran, running along the sides of  Pakistan. Just recently a Baloch man was reported shot and killed by Iran border police only for loading a truck with mangos from Pakistan. While billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods are shipped and smuggled through the Chah Bahar Free Zone.


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