Alamolhoda recognizes Iran's economic crisis as imaginary

ALAMOLHODA.jpgIran’s Friday prayer leader in Mashhad made these remarks on Qods Day; the press is saying the Aid Committee does not use the money it collects to support the poor but instead gives it to orphans in Gaza, Lebanon, and Palestine. Palestine is the first embankment for the enemy to blow away the world of Islam. The enemy has us targeted and wants to subvert us that is why they cling on to the first ridge.
We’re not going to negotiate with our enemy to solve economic problems, there’s no real economic problem and it’s all imaginary. We will be giving up our security and defense to get a bit of something to eat. There’s nobody else other than a US mercenary that would come up with such an idea, who else could it be.
If we put away our missile technology and give it up as they say then Israel is no longer in our grasp, and then the US won’t wait a day or even an hour to have us flattened to the ground.


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