Ahvaz Black Bridge Catches Fire


Ahvaz Black Bridge went on fire almost 7 pm yesterday as citizens called on the fire brigade to take action. It’s been said the fire picked up on dry shrubs surrounding the bridge then exposed very quickly.

A video recalls a local saying it took firefighters half an hour to get to the bridge, perhaps holding the nearby Headquarters accountable. The fire occurred on the west coast Boulevard and though firefighters secured it, the main cause is still uncertain.

This bridge was built in 1929 and is Ahvaz’s first bridge. It’s of high importance to citizens being 1050 meters long and 6 meters wide. Ahvaz Black Bridge stands on the Karoon River and is named for its black coating.

State media has warned of natural disasters in Ahvaz since 2015, one title was – Khuzestan breathless; Karun Dry; What’s the Agricultural Project?

Also, known as Railway Bridge, it was a vital transporting provender for the Russian army in World WarII. Due to its major role for the allies’ victory, they then named it Victory Bridge.

Recent clashes in Khuzestan are fueled by local’s anger over their province literally drying up. The main reasons for the water disorder are the dams built in Iran.

Some websites that provide updates on the Middle East and water changes state that large areas of this county have gone from wetland to wasteland in a matter of years. Iranians believe the government is largely to blame for the drought. They want proper water plans in favor of the people to be constructed on the Karun river.

Karun counts as one of the country’s most critical water resource but water supply has reduced by two-thirds. The river’s decline is most evident to the people of Ahvaz and one Majlis (Parliament) representative tells protesters this week, I’ve done all I could!


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