Aftermath of Worker’s Day in Ahwaz

ahwaz-protest.jpgAgent sent by Iran’s Security Forces have locked up more than a 100 protesters in Ahwaz on International Labor Day. They were taken for different excuses and are now being tortured. In Sheyban Prison these protesters have been whipped with rubber pipes. Some of the workers belong to the Seven Hills Cane Factory. International Human Rights’ Organization and the UN must interfere to get a close observation of these workers being held at this prison.
More than 500 are now behind bars including in Sheyban Prison. Information claims that arrested protesters of the Iranian uprising from December 2017, including in Ahwaz, are harshly clamped in cells. The arrests were made by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) Intelligence Department. Prisoners have apparently been beaten and tortured. Judicial powers have forbid any release on bail until sign of torture fades off the bodies. Ladies are kept in Sepidar Prison and children have been sent to Fajr Prison.


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