Abadan salty water sets another strike


Abadan salty water has again joined groups of people in Abadan as they show their anger to officials who try to blame the problem on them. This is happening as fresh water from their land gets exported to Iraq and Kuwait.

The locals explain the scene to be like a society being set off as gun barrels. Just hours ago in Abadan, angry locals who have been kept back from drinking water or any kind of fresh water have witnessed their water being transferred into Iraq and Kuwait.

Locals have reported that this transfer is being carried out by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Iranian water transportation to neighboring countries was launched while Khatami was president. A document dating back to 2003 reveals that a contract signed by Iran and Kuwait was settled at a total of 900,000 cubic meters per day, details published by Iran Khabar News.

Abadan is an oil-refining city in southwest Iran but now this wealthy city is stuck with long hours of daily disruption in the city’s water circulation system. On Wednesday, the water and sewage department in Abadan declared that due to the high level of salt in Bahmanshir river and a significant drop in the pressure of the city’s water distribution system, the water will be rationed. The salt water level in Abadan has reached a point where managers were forced to close the petrochemical complex.


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