A look into growing protests in Iran today

occupational_staff_protest_iran.jpgNumerous protests and gatherings have formed today in parts of Iran including a march held by 300 steelworkers belonging to the National Steel Industry in Ahvaz. They are unhappy with their working conditions.
The Poultry Farmers Union is still protesting recent business losses occurring for their industry and face problems supplying grains for the poultry.
Health care providers in Kermanshah are protesting low payments and delays in getting paid. They work hard but receive very little and want to be heard.
The corporate staff of Urmia University has demanded their unpaid wages in their rally today outside the campus.
Bus drivers of semi road routes in different cities have also set a strike according to their previous announcement.
Students from universities around the country are in protest to astronomical monthly fees, as they call it, and refuse the transfer of some universities. Some students are also protesting occupational dysfunctions.


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