Iran's Poverty Continues

Iran’s Poverty Continues Growing In Rouhani’s Time

Iran’s poverty continues growing and on the verge of Rouhani’s trip to New York, we decided to put the state of Iran’s economy into perspective. Despite what the Iranian government…

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Sanctions paralyzing Iran's economy

Sanctions paralyzing Iran’s economy or else?

Sanctions paralyzing Iran’s economy is raising mixed issues. Some people ask, is it true that the sanctions are not really putting great pressure on Iran?  If a country’s economy is…

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US Sanctions build hot ring

US Sanctions build hot ring around Iranian regime

The United States announced that it will impose historical sanctions against all importers of Iranian oil by Nov. 4. This kind of sanction is building a hot ring around the Iranian…

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Iran Protests Supported

Iran Protests Supported in New York

Iran protests supported in New York is an Event called by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities (OIAC). 1500 Iranian American delegates and leaders from 40 States will be at the…

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UN General Assembly Damaged

UN General Assembly Damaged Thru Rouhani’s Presence

UN General Assembly damaged thru Rouhani’s presence is what opposing Iranians suggests. Rouhani should be dismissed from the United Nations as his presence is against peace. His attendance can harm…

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Rouhani's Execution Toll

Rouhani’s Execution Toll Ahead of Washington Summit

Rouhani’s execution toll ahead of Washington Summit should worry everyone! Four young prisoners were executed on the morning of September 16 in Qir and Karzain (Ghirokarzin) County. Their families have…

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organ trade in Iran

Iranian regime preying on poor Iranians; making lucrative profit on organ trade

A number of Iranian state run websites and Telegram channels publish ads which appear to be car and home appliance advertisements. But when you take a closer look, you realize…

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School Stationery Costs Rise

School Stationery Costs Rise

School stationery costs rise before 23rd September when classes will open in Iran.  School children all love to arrive in fancy dresses and unique stationery, but that doesn’t seem to…

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Prisoners Executed Routinely

Prisoners Executed Routinely By Iran

Prisoners executed routinely by Iran is a way to broadcast fear amongst the people. As recent as Thursday, a 26-year-old man was executed in Marvdasht, Shiraz. The execution took place…

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Isfahan Farmers Without Water

Isfahan Farmers Without Water Rights In Years

Isfahan farmers without water rights are causing serious environmental damages. Reports from Isfahan’s farmer after a drought in this city, provide facts of endless damages to farmers in Isfahan. Much of…

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