Cab drivers in Kermanshah strike third day

Taxi drivers in Kermanshah have led their strike for the third day in a row. Cab owners are protesting to low insurance and the high costs of spare parts. They…

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Ahvaz steel workers block road in protest

The protesting workers gathered largely in front of the governor’s office and closed the main road. They are the workers of Iran National Steel Industrial Group in Ahvaz and have…

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Iran possible to have whitewashed mass grave spot in Rasht

New graves have reportedly been placed in Tazeh Abad Cemetery in Rasht, where a mass grave once used to be. Officials of the Islamic Republic have not mentioned anything to the…

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Continuoes strikes in spite of public threats by the Iranian regime

Alamolhoda one of Iranian regimes cleric stated following the widespread truckers strike in Iran: “Iran is not France or Britain where you could take part in a strike.” In Zarrin…

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Iran Khodro cargo troubled by 12-day strike of truckers

Iran Khodro, branded as IKCO, is an Iranian multinational automaker headquartered in Tehran. A video report showed how this company is now using Nissan vehicles instead of trucks to transport…

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A look into growing protests in Iran today

Numerous protests and gatherings have formed today in parts of Iran including a march held by 300 steelworkers belonging to the National Steel Industry in Ahvaz. They are unhappy with…

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Chief investigator of Iran led 1994 bombing confirmed murdered by Fed. court

The Federal Court of Appeals in Buenos Aires has ruled and confirmed today that Alberto Nisman was murdered because he accused Argentinian government officials of covering up Iran’s responsibility for…

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