Updates from Kazeroon

People are continuously sending mobile footages of a police raid on civilians in Kazeroon. Young men and women are severely wounded and rushed to the hospital, as more citizens are…

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Security forces open fire on protesters injuring dozens in Kazeroun

  During the protest gathering in Kazeroun, at least 3 people were killed and a number were injured including a woman. According to news reports, some people have taken the gun and…

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Shot and injuried in Kazeroon protest

By night, in Kazeroon, protesters who had gathered to form a mass anti-government rally since morning, continued their strike. Riot forces began shooting and many have been wounded and rushed…

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Shocking state of prisoners

One elite student in Baneh – Sanandaj, Akam Salehi, was arrested yesterday 15 May for protesting the border closing in this city. He has also resigned from the National Congress…

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Thousands rally in Kazeroon

People of Kazeroon, in Fars Province, are again rallying in thousands to stop the government’s new plan to split the city in two. They chant, Iran supports Gaza but betrays…

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Water crisis in Sistan Baluchestan

30 million cubic meters of water has dried out from the Hamoun wetland in Sistan and Baluchestan Province.  The Hamoun dam is placed on the Helmand River, 161 km north-west…

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Political prisoner deprived of medical treatment

Esmail Abdi, a math teacher, and a Teachers’ Trade Unionist who has been on hunger strike since 24 April to protest his awful treatment in notorious Evin prison needs urgent medical treatment out of…

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