Wave of arrests continues

abdi_hospital.jpgAmnesty International UK has issued a report calling Iranian authorities to release Esmail Abdi, a math teacher and a Teachers’ Trade Unionist. He has been on hunger strike since 24 April to protest his awful treatment in notorious Evin prison after defending rights’ of workers. https://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions/free-esmail-abdi

Another Teachers’ Trade Unionist, Mohammad Habibi, has also been arrested after protesting in Tehran outside the Parliament with other teachers. Authorities have not yet revealed where he is kept and in what conditions.


arak_arrests_trial_11.jpgToday, May 15, 11 people have been taken to court for participating in the national uprising of December 2017 in Arak. The trial for these eleven arrestees will take place in the 102nd Branch of the Arak Criminal Court.

Mohammed Najafi, Ali Bagheri, Abbas Safari, Behzad Ali Bakhshi, Yusef Shiri, Dawoud Rahimi, Mohammed Yaghoubi, Kiyan Sadeghi, Masoud Ojlu, Mohammed Torabi, and Neda Yusefi are being trialed for disturbing public order.

Mohammed Najafi, one of the detainees who is also a district attorney in Arak has voluntarily taken custody of six other arrestees.


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