5 more years in prison for what?

Political prisoner Mohammad Ali (Pirooz) Mansouri has been given an additional five-year prison sentence after spending 11 years in Rajaie Shahr Prison since September 2007. He has now been sentenced…

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Wave of arrests continues

Amnesty International UK has issued a report calling Iranian authorities to release Esmail Abdi, a math teacher and a Teachers’ Trade Unionist. He has been on hunger strike since 24 April to protest his…

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Contradictory remarks of Iranian officials

Following US’ Iran nuclear deal exit, tensions are rising to a high level inside the Iranian regime’s ranks. Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei said: “I had said if you want to sign…

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Mohammad Salas to be executed

Mohammad Salas, the bus driver from Tehran who is of a religious minority known as the Sufi, is being convicted in Iran of running over three policemen. His attorney has said that he could be hanged…

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Europe's economic ties with Iran

German Foreign Minister announced during this week: “I do not see a chance to deal with the Iranian regime. German companies have little chance of bargaining with this regime”.  Peter…

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The Iranian regime’s failure to block Telegram

Iranian ICT Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi announced Tuesday: “One of the reasons that the government is opposed to filtering the social media and the Internet, in general, is that the Internet…

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