Border guards stealing from porters

In the Kurdistan border, at the mountain pass of Tawila Byara, the border guards are attacking porters crossing with heavy stones. They are attempting to stop the porters from getting…

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Quake victims await tents

Following the recent earthquake in Yasuj, southern Iran, villagers have rallied once again protesting authorities lack of management to provide their minimum necessities after their homes were destroyed.

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Strict limits on cash leaving Iran

The Central Bank of Iran has announced that the maximum outflow of any passengers leaving Iran by air is 5,000 euros. This amount has been reduced from its early rate…

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Two Kurds executed this morning

According to reports from inside Iran, this morning two Kurdish men were executed in Urmie Central Prison. Khalil Aqhoushi had been held in prison since 2012 while Soheil, a 25-year-old…

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44MM remaining on Telegram

The Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, has confessed that Telegram users are still up to 44 million. This means only 1 million have switched off after the…

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Esmail Abdi on hunger strike 21days

It is now 21 days, Iranian teacher unionist Esmail Abdi is on hunger strike in prison. The former secretary general of the country’s largest teachers’ rights organization, the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association…

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Strikes in Arak and Semnan

The workers of the Heavy Equipment Production Company (HEPCO) in Arak, are striking on the railway to demand their unpaid wages after months. Also in Semnan, bakers have gathered to…

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Aladdin Mobile Market closes

In Tehran, Aladdin Mobile Market has closed for the day in protest to the economic crisis in Iran. This action follows a wide strike by Tehran Bazaar that started out yesterday….

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Depositors in Mashhad demand their savings

In long-lasting efforts by the depositors of the Caspian Bank (Credit Institution) in Iran still, the government has not paid back any of their savings. In Mashhad once again, angry protesters…

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Bazaar stores still closed

In Tehran, for the second day, store owners of the most crowded Bazaar are unwilling to open their shops in protest to current economic conditions and inaction of the government…

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