Day: May 13, 2018

Two attempts of suicide

Two different workers, one in Mashhad and another at the industrial HEPCO company in Arak, attempted to commit suicide. Living conditions for employees and workers are tightening by the day under a collapsed economy run by the regime and cannot find… Read More ›

Absolute poverty in Iran

“Right now, there are about 10 to 12 million people in absolute poverty and 16 to 20 million people in the country can be found in the circle of what the correct policy is for dealing with Iran in general.” according to… Read More ›

Teachers strike in Ardebil

Many working teachers in the city of Ardebil are striking to show their fury over their worsening livelihood situation. This protest took place today in the northwest part of the country know as Iranian Azarbaijan.

Rail workers strike in Zanjan

Some 50 rail workers in Zanjan Province, close to Iranian Azerbaijan and 298 km north-west of Tehran, set a strike yesterday outside the Provincial Government to protest not receiving their wages after four months as well as work insurance.