Rice farmers in Ahwaz want water

A group of rice farmers in Ahwaz protested to not having water for their crops. They held a banner which read, we need water to live.

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Mashhad students strike

In protest to reducing the educational years, a new decision made by the government, the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad students set a strike.

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Building collapse in Ahwaz

A building in Ahwaz has collapsed on its inhabitants. This building belongs to the building complex named Maskan Mehr, which collapses without even earthquakes ،built with no- standard infrastructure.  …

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Kurdish porter shot dead

A young porter was killed by government border officials. This porter was not even carrying any goods and was shot from the back, in his chest.  This is becoming a common sight in…

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Hunger strike

Shaparak Shajarizadeh an Iranian woman who was arrested, protesting the mandatory veil, began a hunger strike in prison. Women Opposing Mandatory Veil Get 1-10 Years Of Prison, according to the…

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Severe sand storm hits Ahwaz

In southwest Iran, the city of Ahwaz is covered in orange sand. The pollution is now 60 times higher than normal safety levels, Air Quality Index (AQI) standard. People cannot breathe…

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Tehran's bazaar holds widespread strike

In Tehran, a pre-announced strike by business owners just began. The store owners in the main Bazaar have closed their shops in protest to the present economic and financial status that…

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The last situation of detained teachers

The seven teachers who were arrested on Thursday, May 10 during the teacher’s gathering in Tehran have been taken to Evin Prison. Mohammad Habibi, a teacher who was detained is…

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