Some scenes of society

Unbelievable scenes of youth, family-men and Iranians struggling to make ends meat in the theocratic dictatorship. The first scene is of a young student at the Isalamic Azad University, Tehran…

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Human chain to protect hill top

Government of Iran tries to steal and plunder rocks and mineral gems from the mountain tops in Shahroud. This city is located in Semnan Province, northeast of Iran. The city residents rushed…

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Iranians want regime extermination

On the walls in Iran you can see this popular slogan meaning “with or without JCPOA, we want regime extermination”. This photo taken today in Yasuj.

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Imminent ِExecution

  Ramin Hossein Panahi execution is politically motivated and he may be executed at any moment. Ahmadi Niaz, lawyer of Kurdish death row political prisoner Panahi, has said in a…

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