People ask Rouhani about his promise

In Sabzevar, northeast of Iran where President Rouhani was to deliver a speech people gathered and shouted, what happened to your promises?   As young protesters held banners requesting for…

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Aftermath of Worker’s Day in Ahwaz

Agent sent by Iran’s Security Forces have locked up more than a 100 protesters in Ahwaz on International Labor Day. They were taken for different excuses and are now being…

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Students in Tabriz forced to pay tuition

In Tabriz University, northwest Iran, students have been forced to pay to attend. A protest has formed and they are now demanding for their basic university facilities.

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Dollar rises to 6950 Toman

Unbalanced exchange rates cause jewelry shop to close in Mashhad. The Dollar rate is rising hugely even reaching 7000 Toman. In Tehran market’s it’s said to have been 6800 Toman.

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Protest against the financial institution in Tehran

A group of people gathered to form a rally against the financial institution “Alborz Karaj Development” on Sunday 6 May and protested against their wealth being plundered. [wpvideo ndjgCdyv]  

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Fake profiles made for political prisoner

Hamidreza Amini was set to attend the Special Court’s Staff Branch today. He had been formally informed but now Iran’s Judiciary has chosen to split out the file. This is…

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Worrying condition of girl in Ahwaz prison

After 72 days under mental pressure in Sepidar Prison, Ahwaz, a 15 year-old girl is now troubled with stomach bleeding. Maede Shaibani Nejad is accused of writing heroic Arabic poetry on…

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Univ. student's protest in Tehran

Students protested to having pay for attending Meli (National) University. A new rule put out by Iran. This university is one of the biggest in the country. The students held…

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AI worried over Raheleh Rahemipour

The Iranian authorities must stop their ongoing harassment campaign against Raheleh Rahemipour, a 65-year-old human rights defender, who faces trial for a second time in reprisal for a complaint filed…

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Farzad Sahraii taken to Gom Prison

Farzad Sahraii was arrested since the start of the Iranian uprising on December 2017. His sentence for two years in prison has been carried out today.

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