Iran out of Syria

Iran Liberty

Syria’s Assad regime using chemical weapons against innocent civilians, shocked many around the world. Withered bodies of innocent children, shown on TV, tormented to death by chemical gas, passed a message to all human rights activists of the world.

Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, the brutal vulgarity of the Middle Ages remains still.  Desire for revenge arose against a dictator that has already taken half a million lives to sustain his throne is very much alive.

In response, the strikes against Assad’s chemical sites by U.S., Britain and France were welcomed by public opinion the world over.

Nevertheless, despite all the excitement, the end resulted in the unpleasant policy of appeasement allowing the real perpetrators to walk free.

The Ayatollahs sitting in Tehran, who have kept Assad on his feet, simply got away.

On different occasions, Iranian regime officials have defined their meddling in Syria…

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