Rouhani dismayed in Tabriz tour

The visit of Hassan Rouhani to Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, did not yield the results that the Iranian regime’s president had hoped for. Before Rouhani’s visit, the East Azerbaijan governor’s office had ordered the directors of education in different districts of the province to forcibly send elementary and high-school students to Rouhani’s speech in the Takhti stadium.

Meanwhile, the regime had also taken strict security measures to prevent the formation of protests and demonstrations. Nonetheless, when Rouhani was delivering his speech at the stadium, the citizens of Tabriz did not mince words in expressing their disdain with the government. Several attendants raised red card in a symbolic move to reject Rouhani’s words as lies.

The attending students, who were forcibly sent to the speech, also took advantage of the opportunity to mock Rouhani and prevent the directors of the event from guiding the crowd to shout slogans in favor of the regime’s president.

تبریز.نشان دادن کارت قرمز اخراج به آخوند روحانی در ورزشگاه تختی.970204



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