Continued strikes by merchants trigger widespread support in Iran’s western provinces

On Sunday, ongoing strikes over the closure of border gates and tightening of restrictions on imports continued in Iran’s western provinces, including Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Western Azerbaijan.

In Baneh, Kurdistan, merchants continue to keep their shops closed in protest to an increase on levies over imports.

Similar strikes and protests are taking place in other cities in the western border regions and slowly turning into protests. In Sardasht, Kurdistan, a group of merchants gathered in front of the governor’s office to protest against the new regulations.

Sardasht merchants protest against increase of imports prices In Marivan, Kurdistan, in addition to closing their shops, merchants staged a protest to the regime’s increase of restrictions. According to reports, the new regulations will destroy thousands of jobs and hurt millions of local businesses.

Marivan merchants strike and protests

As the protests of merchants stretch past their first week, their gradually gaining popular support among other classes of the society. On Saturday, April 21, the students of Payam-e-Nour University in Marivan declared their solidarity with the widespread protests of merchants in Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Azarbaijan.

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