Tensions grow in western provinces as widespread strikes enter sixth day

Friday saw an uptick in the strikes and protests that started last week in the Kurdistan and Kermanshah province over a tightening of import regulations and the closure of border gates.

In Javanroud, Kermanshah, and Baneh, Kurdistan, where the protests initially began, merchants refrained from opening their shops for the sixth consecutive day.

جوانرود.ادامه اعتصاب کسبه و بازاریان۹۷۰۱۳۱

According to a member of the Iranian regime’s parliament, the closure of border gates will cause a widespread loss of jobs to 80 thousand porters and 6 million merchants in the border cities of Kermanshah, Kurdistan and Western Ajerbaijan provinces.

In Mahabad, Kurdistan, the Bazar-e-Nour market joined the strikes on Friday and closed down in protest to the regulations.

Mahabad Kurdistan Bazar-e-nour

The regime’s security forces have futilely tried to intimidate merchants into stopping their strike and return to work. In previous days, heavy presence of security forces in restive regions did not prevent protesters from continuing their strikes.

On Friday, regime agents in Piranshahr, a city Western Azerbaijan that joined the protests on Wednesday, burned the vehicle of a merchant in the Kani Shinkeh area to cause fear among the protesters. The strikes continue nonetheless.

Piranshahr Kani Shinkeh

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