Iran: Who will blow out the 41st candle?

Iran Liberty

Just before its fortieth year of existence, the “Islamic Republic of Iran” encountered a devastating political and social storm.  The grassroots of Iranian society, formerly the base of the ayatollah’s support, revolted, telling the mullahs to get lost after becoming utterly frustrated with unsolvable economic and social problems.

The storm, however, did not knock down the tree.  The supreme leader still has his throne, while hangmen, torturers, and so-called judges are actively going about their business.

Does the Iranian population have to endure another decade under the savage fundamentalist rulers?  The trembling waves within the Iranian regime suggest they may not.

In a letter to Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei, former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed his concern for the regime’s future.  In a meeting with university students in late February, Ahmadinejad described the letter as “delineating a new horizon to walk out today’s complicated and obscurant conditions of the country.”

A similar stance was taken…

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