A Report on Dreaded Conditions At Gharechaque Women’s Prison

A woman former prisoner at Gharechaque, Varamin prison by the name of Zohre Assadpour has published a report about her ordeal and the overall prison conditions of prisoners there.

Ms. Assadpour was among a number of other women who were arrested at the recent gathering held in Tehran for International women’s Day in front of the ministry of labor.  She was arrested and taken to Gharechaque prison in Varimain located south-east of Tehrarn.

Zohre Assadpour,  following her own release from the prison, published a report titled “Gharechaque will not let me go.”  This report has been published online in various media sites.

In this report, Ms. Assabpour, described the dreaded condition inside this prison as well as the ongoing exploitation that women there endure.


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