Iran: Political prisoner on 46th day of hunger strike

Political prisoner, Soheil Arabi:  I prefer “death” over succumbing to oppressors

On the 46th day of his hunger strike in the Greater Tehran Penitentiary, political prisoner Soheil Arabi sent a message saying:

“Come and celebrate the (Iranian calendar) new year outside of their prisons. Drying up and dying alone in such a dungeon, or enduring dissatisfaction after an unsuccessful hunger strike. I choose the first option, being ‘death’ over succumbing to oppressors. Ending the hunger strike means me and all the Arashs, Golrokhs and Atenas must endure the tortures that become worse with each passing day.”

Arabi’s mother says, “Hunger strike is the only method a prisoner can defend his/her rights. They are harassing Soheil to give in to shame and Soheil simply won’t do so. This is Soheil’s right to go on a hunger strike in the face of cruelty and injustice. He is innocent, has said what is right and seeks freedom. Soheil must be released.”

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